Welcome to COMMON-Sense Net

The COMMON-Sense Net system (for Community-Oriented Management and Monitoring Of Natural Resources via a Sensor network) aims at designing and developing an integrated network of sensors for agricultural management in the rural semi-arid areas of developing countries. On top of having an impact on yield and efficiency at the local level, the system will allow the collection of extensive data that can be reused to develop replicable strategies. Our project site is Chennakeshavapura , Pavagada Taluk, Tumkur District in Karnataka State, India.

To achieve our goal, COMMON-Sense Net takes a three pronged parallel approach. While the first part comprises of technologies for reliable data gathering, data processing & analysis followed by Information Dissemination to farming community are the second and final parts respectively.

Reliable data gathering

One of the major problems in most villages in India concerns availability of Grid Power. We have designed DTN based technologies in the energy sense to overcome this problem. We use a Bicycle Dynamo to generate power for our Data Mule. Our Data mule visits many data aggregation points in the field to download and transmit data. Our Energy DTN works over several technologies such as Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi - GPRS bridges.

Data processing and Analysis

We are working on data compression algorithms with energy as a constraint. Our compression algorithms are adaptive to energy availability. Data analysis calls for using crop simulation tools such as APSIM to predict the crop yield.

Information Dissemination

One of the challenges we have taken up here is to provide information about crop status and other weather predictions in local languages. We are working on SMS, MMS as possible technologies. If you are interested in receving rain data SMS from ckpura please fill up Subscription Form.